The institutions that we support

The foundation of HEIM PÁL Children’s Hospital


The departure of the Heim Pál Hospital has been playing an outstanding role in the healthcare of children in Budapest for 75 years.

An Onco-Hematology ward operates with twelve beds in our medical department.

Since the foundation of Hungarian Oncology Network, our ward has played an active part in treating children between ages 0-18 with leukemia or cancer. Our special tasks are to coordinate the treatment of local liver cancer patients and keep in touch with the International  Children’s Oncology Association’s liver sub-committee. Out hospital has a surgery and IC unit which is essential for the complex treatment of our patients.

The patients in the oncology ward are usually accommodated in wards with 2-3 beds with a private bathroom. One parent can stay with their child 24 hours a day. Four beds from the twelve are super ICUs, which makes it possible to treat the more serious cases separated but in a familiar environment.

The department is responsible for the examination, treatment and care of children with haematological disorders and cancer related diseases.

There are three work groups helping our work. Three colleagues deal with the mental health care of ill children and their families, one of them is Györgyi Szandtner (Dr. Horváth Lászlóné), social worker. She helps the members of the families to get the provided support from the state. As a supplement, she can provide help through the Játszóház Foundation. She organises team and individual programs for the children in the hospital, which provide recreational opportunities during the treatment. She is responsible for the psychologic support of the children and their families in cooperation with the doctors. She helps the children and their families in discussing and processing the psychological stress associated with the disease during personalised meetings on demand. The foundation was established to supply the oncology patients in our hospital. Objects or financial donations are a great help in the support of our little patients.


The name of our foundation: Játszóház – Foglalkoztató Alapítvány

Tax number: 18018624-1-43

Bank account number: 10200830-32316256


We would like to thank the Blue Bird Wings Foundation for their continuous support and help to facilitate our work.

Dr. László Horváth Györgyi Szandtner


The Szent László Hospital


There have been 400 stem-cell transplantations for children patients in the Bone-Marrow Transplant Department at Szent László Hospital since 1992. Patients come to the department from all over the country, they spend a long time (3-4 months) in our hospital, far away from their homes. Earlier, we could provide accommodation for mothers who took active part in the treatment of their child only in active beds in the wards in use. This caused constant problem due to potential infection risks and the lack of beds.

The Déméter Foundation has restructured the 5th pavilion, which was not in use then and was provided by the hospital, it required huge social cooperation and 100 million forints cost. Now it accommodates the children who live in the countryside and are after the bone-marrow transplant and need regular check-ups and follow-ups and their families. Not only the exterior was renovated, 6 apartments were created in two floors with communal rooms, kitchen, play rooms, laundry room. One room is for a disabled person, two are equipped with a mini kitchen to provide help in caring for infants. In parallel, the waiting list is shortened as the patients who do not require daily treatment by doctors do not have to use an active transplant bed. The psychological healing of children is faster because they do not have to stay in hospital as their health conditions improve.

The Démétér House is operated as part of a complex caring and follow up program. This program is a necessary initiative, which aims at improving the healing chances of children after the bone-marrow transplant and to reduce the psychological and physical consequences of the follow-up treatments for the children and their families.

We created a personalised informational brochure (for parents, for children and for really small ones) about the basic disease, the theoretical and practical characteristics of the transplant progress, complications, results and the rules of lifestyle that are necessary after the operation, the check-ups after the transplant. We also give information to the parents about the possible social support and we help in applying for them if needed. We give the informational material to the parents at the first meeting so they can think about their possible questions.

We also organise art and music therapy sessions for our little patients. While they are active, play, paint, learn, talk with his/her classmates on skype, play music or listen to a story: time flies faster, their attention is not on pain and worries. It is our important mission to help the families that get to our department  to know that they are not alone, there is somebody they can turn to if they feel that waves clash over their heads. We believe that one heals not only physically but psychologically and socially too.

It’s a tradition that we organise a Santa Claus celebration for the children being after the marrow-transplant.

But now, the foundation needs help. As the amount of support provided for the organisation has fallen drastically in the last few years. The problem is so significant that we had to ask parents to pay a maintenance cost for staying in the Démétér House. “We made this decision in exasperation and in lack of any other possibility as closing the Démétér House is not an option but we have to pay the bills. We know that many families have to face serious financial issues due to the disease and their lives are terribly difficult and this extra cost just adds up to the problem. We believe that it won’t stay like this for a long time and the Démétér House will be for free again with the selfless help of others.” Our program is at risk despite the help provided earlier. It would be a big step backwards. In this case, even the smallest donation is great help.


The name of our foundation: Démétér Alapítvány

Our tax number: 18256110-1-43

Our bank account number: Budapest Bank 10102086-56951900-01000002


We would like to thank the Blue Bird Wings KH. Foundation for their continued support.

Gabriella Sedlák program coordinator


Dear Blue Birds Wing Foundation!

Thank you very much for supporting the healing of our little patients for years.

Our excellent doctor and nurse team cares about the healing of our little patients, and our foundation provides a chance that they can be children during the treatment, they can play, learn surrounded by family and can keep in touch with classmates and friends.

Our mission is to create safety for them psychologically and socially. Your donation helps this work.

We wish you and your family success and good health.

With respect and thanks:

Gergely Kriván MD, head of the foundation

Gabriella Sedlák, program coordinátor of the foundation