Heim Pál Children’s Hospital Playing House – the hospital’s own foundation

The departure of the Heim Pál Hospital has been playing an outstanding role in the healthcare of children in Budapest for 75 years.

An Onco-Hematology ward operates with twelve beds in our medical department. Since the foundation of Hungarian Oncology Network, our ward has played an active part in treating children between ages 0-18 with leukemia or cancer. Our special tasks are to coordinate the treatment of local liver cancer patients and keep in touch with the International  Children’s Oncology Association’s liver sub-committee. Out hospital has a surgery and IC unit which is essential for the complex treatment of our patients.

heim2The patients in the oncology ward are usually accommodated in wards with 2-3 beds with a private bathroom. One parent can stay with their child 24 hours a day. Four beds from the twelve are super ICUs, which makes it possible to treat the more serious cases separated but in a familiar environment.

The department is responsible for the examination, treatment and care of children with haematological disorders and cancer related diseases.

There are three work groups helping our work. Three colleagues deal with the mental health care of ill children and their families, one of them is Györgyi Szandtner (Dr. Horváth Lászlóné), social worker. She helps the members of the families to get the provided support from the state. As a supplement, she can provide help through the Játszóház Foundation. She organises team and individual programs for the children in the hospital, which provide recreational opportunities during the treatment. She is responsible for the psychologic support of the children and their families in cooperation with the doctors. She helps the children and their families in discussing and processing the psychological stress associated with the disease during personalised meetings on demand.

The foundation was established to supply the oncology patients in our hospital. Objects or financial donations are a great help in the support of our little patients.

The name of our foundation: Játszóház – Foglalkoztató Alapítvány
Tax number: 18018624-1-43
Bank account number: 10200830-32316256

We would like to thank the Blue Bird Wings Foundation for their continuous support and help to facilitate our work.

Dr. László Horváth Györgyi Szandtner